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RLI was launched in 2018 to better serve the real estate needs of the clients of Milliken Forestry Company, Inc. (MFC). Since 1949, MFC has dutifully served its clients by combining decades of land management experience with a sincere appreciation for emotional ties between land investments and landowners.

Growing team and constantly evolving scope of services.

Over time and through the trust garnered by our foresters, many clients have sought MFC’s real estate services for a variety of property acquisitions and liquidations. RLI continues that tradition of dependable and experienced service through its team of dedicated real estate professionals.


Dave Hegler

President of RLI, Inc., Licensed SC Real Estate Agent, SC Registered Forester

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Gary Springer

SC, GA Broker In Charge, SC Registered Forester

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Billy Cate

Licensed SC Real Estate Agent

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Rob Drummond

Licensed SC Real Estate Broker, NC & SC Registered Forester


Our consulting foresters and support staff are well-equipped to help clients maximize the value of their land investments.

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Career Opportunities

If you are considering a career in real estate and have a passion for rural properties, then RLI might be the right place to start or continue a successful real estate journey. Our agents are trained to understand and utilize the support mechanisms provided by our personal and professional network. Most importantly, our agents understand that to be a part of RLI is to be a part of 70 years of trusted guidance in land and rural investment management.

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