Having a place to hunt on opening day of Dove Season is sometimes quite a chore,  if you have not planned in advance to secure a place to hunt.

Things you can do:

Look For Birds

  • Fresh cut corn fields
  • Other crop fields
  • Fields with Powerlines
  • Prepared fields with Corn, Sunflowers, Millet, or Sessame

Steps to take

  • Find good locations
  • Get Permission to hunt
  • Join a Club
  • Plan properly and get involved in planting a field prior to dove season
  • Buy a property that has a 10 acre field on it with the help of Ruralland.com

Things you need

  • Shotgun 12 or 20 guage
  • Ammunition – at least 50 rounds
  • Camo or clothing with earthtones matching surroundings
  • Something to sit on like a bucket
  • A bag for shells and birds
  • A hat.
  • A cooler

Safety  – the best way to lose your spot in a field is to fail to observe basic gun safety

  • Keep 50-75 yards away from others who might be in the field
  • Avoid shooting low birds – Shoot at least 20 degrees above the horizon
  • Consider your surroundings – do not shoot toward highways, structures, and of course other people.
  • Wear sunglasses and a cap to avoid getting hit in the eyes with falling shot
  • Always keep your gun pointed in a safe direction with the safety on (pointed at the ground or the sky)
  • Only load your gun when you are at your shooting location
  • Consider the topography when you shoot ( there may be others in the field that you cannot see )
  • Watch out for dogs
  • Avoid Alcohol or anything that would impair you during the hunt.
  • Look for breaks in the hunt to pick up birds when others are doing the same thing

During the hunt

  • Observe the bag limits
  • Don’t forget to plug your shotgun ( 3 shell maximum legal magazine capacity )

Planting fields on your property is something that property owners can do.

The best fields in the southeastern US are usually planted sunflower fields that are planted in May.  Other options that work well are planting Browntop Millet or Sesame.

If you just need a place to hunt, networking with your friends and neighbors is a great place to start.